Oh No, Another One of “Those” Posts

Warning: Rant Post Ahead! ūüėȬ†

Why don’t people understand? ¬†I’m so frustrated with my peers, my friends, and just human beings in general. ¬†I feel like there is no such thing as common sense to other people, or even just a bit of sensitivity. ¬†I was told as I grew up to let unkind words simply roll off my back. ¬†That they weren’t worth my time or energy, and that they are usually said out of ignorance or jealousy. ¬†This concept always remains in the back of my mind while I endure the forceful strike of nescient words, yet somehow these muttered phrases continually breach my protective barrier.

Yes, I realize that I may be a teeny tiny bit sensitive, commonly letting upsetting situations replay in an infinite loop in my head every night. ¬†I also realize that people don’t always have bad intentions behind their words. ¬†With this being said, I still can not comprehend how some things get through people’s mental “filter”.

About a month ago I had a doctor’s appointment in which she decided to fill out some forms to help me apply for a handicap plaque. ¬†(This is mainly to be used in the summer and at college next year where parking is horrendous and I would be forced to walk lengthy distances). ¬†I went to the DMV and successfully obtained it. ¬†It was a weird experience. ¬†I walked past the mass amounts of grumpy people waiting for their number to be called, gripping my new handicap plaque close to my body, in an attempt to mask it. ¬†It peeked through and I could feel the sharp stares of these strangers as they followed me with their eyes. ¬†I could just imagine what they were thinking… “Why does she need that? ¬†She looks perfectly healthy.” ¬†“She can walk just fine, she doesn’t deserve that.”

I felt tremendous guilt and shame for obtaining something that is usually reserved for the elderly and people in wheel chairs.  For this reason, I vowed I would only use it when I absolutely HAD to, leaving the spaces for people worse off than I am.

This brings me to one day at school. ¬†I wasn’t feeling well at all, and it has finally hit 100 degrees where I live. ¬†I decided to park in the handicap at school for the first time, since no one ever parks there anyways. ¬†I figured the extra steps saved by parking closer, would provide me some extra energy to perform well in school.

I pulled in and grabbed my backpack and started my trek to my classroom. ¬†Next thing I know, I hear the sound of wheels blazing across the concrete toward me. ¬†I hear a shout, “You wait right there! ¬†Hey! ¬†You! ¬†Come back here!” ¬†I turn around and see my school security guard speeding up to me in her golf cart (which I have yet to see her step foot out of). ¬†“You parked in the handicap space.”, she informs me. ¬†“Yes, I did. ¬†I have a handicap plaque hanging in my window”, I reply. ¬†She proceeds to curtly state that I was not handicapped and that she doubted me when I said I was and that I got it from my doctor. I’m horrible at handling situations where I am being confronted by authority, so I stuttered my way through an explanation of what POTs is, and why I need it on some days. ¬†She gave me a smirk and sped off. ¬†I stood there, hurt, and in awe at what just happened. ¬†I slowly walked to my next class, (art, thankfully), and started to take my frustration out on my painting. ¬†Next thing I knew, there were tears steaming down my face and falling on my paper, creating a tiny puddle that my classmates stared at. ¬†I attempted to wipe my tears away discreetly and pass it off as allergies. ¬†I had never felt so low, and I’m not exactly sure why this hit me so hard.

Just when I began to get over this, my friend asked me for a ride home. ¬†I obliged, and she followed me out to my car. ¬†This friend of mine has never been the most sensitive person, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she expressed disapproval for my handicap parking. ¬†“Why are you parked in the handicap spot?” ¬†“My POTs, remember?” ¬†“Oh. ¬†But you’re not handicapped… ¬†You don’t really need that.” ¬†I again, tried to stutter my way through an explanation of my heat intolerance and how any energy saved is beneficial to me. ¬†She blankly stared back at me, then looked down at her phone and texted in silence the whole way home.

I’m just sick of people jumping to conclusions and assuming that things come easily to me in life. ¬†That I “cheat the system” and that I just take advantage of what I deal with to get special treatment. ¬†Just this morning, I was talking to my friend ¬†before school. ¬†I told him I didn’t have a class until 4th period, and he asked why. ¬†I told him about my POTs and his only response was, “Oh. ¬†I wish I had something like that so I could sleep in and miss school.”

How I’ve felt lately…How do I get out of this slump?!

I guess that statement is what pushed me over the edge and “inspired” me, (for lack of a better word), to write this post. ¬†I apologize from the bottom of my heart if this post sounds whiny or makes me come off as a “Negative Nancy”. ¬†I just felt that I had to release my frustrations some how so I could carry on with my day as normal. ¬†What better place to vent than to the people who understand what I’m going through better than anyone else?

Thank you so much, to each and every one of you. ¬†You all really keep my going, your comments, your individual posts, your inspiring/motivational words; it really means more to me than any of you probably realize. ¬†Love you, guys! ¬†ūüôā ‚̧

Inspiring Blogger Award! :)

A little while ago I experienced the honor of being nominated for the “Inspiring Blogger Award” by “belowtheradar002“. ¬†I’m am so so grateful to even be considered amongst the list of great bloggers mentioned. ¬†I can not express enough gratitude to Amanda and Katie for brightening my week! ¬†Thanks girls!

The Official Rules of Acceptance are as follows:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website.
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.



7 Interesting Things about me:

1. I’m only 4’11”, (AND 3/4 for your information!), and I’m 100% done growing. ¬†This used to get to me since all my friends are basically model height. ¬†I think I’m coming to terms with being the tiny one in my group. ¬†ūüėČ

2. I’m half Chinese. I don’t look like it, but I love the fact that I have it mixed into me. ¬†I grew up with the culture around me, yummy food included! ¬†

3. I have two birds. ¬†One is a parrotlet, whom I’ve had since I was 14. ¬†Her name is Lulu and she loves to spend every second on my shoulder, day and night. ¬†She’s a feisty one and she hates males… all my guy friends are terrified of her. ¬†She has shown some amazing talents, and as corny as it sounds, has helped me get through this journey of mine. ¬†I recall one particular night where I was sad and curled up in bed with tears streaming down my face. ¬†I heard a rattling around in Lulu’s cage and was amazed when I felt her fly towards me. ¬†She had managed to open her cage, swing the door open using her body weight, and fly to my bed where she waddled up to me and snuggled against my neck. ¬†I’m not sure if she sensed my sadness or if she just wanted to play. ¬†I like to think the first option went through her little birdy brain. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†This is what parrotlets look like, just to convey to you guys how cute they are…


My second bird, Tiki, is a sun conure. ¬†She is a recent addition to my family. ¬†I “adopted” her off of craigslist a few months ago with my Christmas money. ¬†I don’t think her previous owners took the best care of her, as she is still a bit finicky and scared of everything. ¬†Since I’ve owned her, she has quit plucking her feathers out in distress, and is starting to allow me to remove her from her cage. ¬†She’s currently a baby, but when she’s grown her adult plumage, she’ll look like this:¬†



My friends call me the “bird lady”…

4. I don’t know if this falls under the “interesting” category, but my favorite movie of all time is the original “Grease”. ¬†I remember one summer where I watched it at least 5 times a day. ¬†When I was younger, I had a huuuuuuuuuge crush on John Travolta because of this movie.

5. I love art, especially painting. ¬†I’m currently working on a portfolio to send in at the end of the year to gain an AP Art credit. ¬†It is definitely something that I am passionate about and wish to improve on throughout my life. ¬†One day, I hope to sell my artwork on the side of my profession.

6. I’m an animal lover and I know for a fact I would be 100 percent content if I were to become some sort of exotic zoo keeper. ¬†(Though I know I would never due to my allergies.) ¬†I have spent hours upon hours researching all the different species and watching youtube videos regarding their behavior. ¬†Might as well delve deeper into my love of animals while I’m at it… ¬†My favorite animal, by far, is the Asian Elephant. ¬†Elephants are beautiful, majestic, and so incredibly intelligent. ¬†Whenever I visit the zoo, I stare in amazement at these creatures. ¬†They possess several human-like emotions, which just blows me away. ¬†I also really like Belugas. ¬†Mostly because they always look like they’re smiling. ¬†And that makes me happy. ¬†On a different note, I’m TERRIFIED of the ocean. ¬†I can only go ankle-deep, and if I feel like something brushed against me, I freak out. ¬†I think this stems from my countless hours of innocent research on the deep seas. ¬†Too many freaky beings out there for my liking…

7. As of recently, I’ve had this crazy obsession with making lists. ¬†Lists of things I love, things I hate, my favorite this, and my favorite that, etc.. ¬†This new hobby of mine was inspired by a friend of mine who does something similar. ¬†I now have a good half of my notebook filled with random, mostly pointless lists. ¬†But somehow it makes me feel accomplished and happy. ¬†I actually used this post to make more lists in my notebook ha! ¬†Sometimes an addictive personality can be fun!

Anyway, enough about myself. ¬†Now for the people that this post is really for. ¬†The bloggers who continue to inspire me each and everyday no matter what battle or struggle they face. ¬†These bloggers provide me with creative ideas, motivating words, and helpful advice. ¬†Each and every one of them deserves this award fully. ¬†I can’t thank every. single. one of you enough for creating your blogs for people like me to read, and for…well…for existing! ¬†

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I have some things to tell you all so I will blog again tomorrow!  

Thanks for the love and support.  I truly appreciate you all.