Allergies and Shenanigans

I’m pretty sure that plant was strategically placed above the cabinets to make the patients feel more comfortable…

So a few days ago I went in for my dreaded allergy test…and I have to admit it wasn’t that bad.  (But it was still pretty bad 😉 ).  The medical assistant called my name in the waiting room and led me to the creepy room pictured above.  The sight of the room wasn’t exactly comforting.  The table that was located dead center in the room, along with the bright lights overhead, made me feel like I was entering a tortue chamber of some-sort.

I laid down belly-first on that cold blue table and let this stranger poke me with 60 needles containing various allergens all down my back.  Oddly, this part wasn’t that bad.  It was the minutes that followed that I don’t wish to experience again any time soon.

Minute by minute the itching and discomfort grew worse.  There was one spot in particular on my back that was so horrible that I could pinpoint in my mind exactly where it was, and it took my mind off of the other 59 itchy places.  Sort of.

15 minutes FINALLY passed, and the MA came back in to measure the reactions I had.  No surprise that I was allergic to over half of the allergens.

She took out some anti itch cream and put it on my back with a Q-Tip.  This was my favorite part of the whole test.  She then gave me Benedryl and I sat in a chair, (wiggling to scratch my back against the course material), awaiting my doctor.

In case any of you were wondering what my back looked like…I have pictures!  I apologize if this is gross in any way, shape, or form.

I will be writing tomorrow to update you guys about my past few weeks, POTs-wise!  I truly hope you are all doing well!

-Jenna 🙂